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72" pearls knotted on black silk
"dream" vintage escutcheon bracelet
"happiness" vintage escutcheon bracelet
Smoky q roots wings 2
Roots - Wings with smoky quartz necklace
River rock with pearls necklace
Nest bracelet
Hope necklace with citrine
Dream necklace with keishi pearl
Bluebird nest necklace
Mischief necklace
green tourmaline bird necklace
Turquiose, tanzanite and gemstone bird necklace
Heart necklace with garnets
Nina necklace
2 birds bracelet
Prehnite bird silouette
Grossular garnet with bird necklace
Pink pearl nest bracelet
Bird with chalcedony necklace
Peacock pearls with vintage key necklace
Key to happiness escutcheon
Crocheted silver cuff w: vintage pierced steel cut button
Asymmetrical garnets w: heart
Angels among us
Songbird w: chalcedony
Crochet w:pearls
2 crows neck 2