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May 19, 2008


Shari Beaubien

Wow, I've missed you, Annie! This artwork is amazing!! So fresh and original. Very cool. Hugs, Shari


I'm with Shari (hi, shari!). I've missed you, too. And the artwork is indeed very nice!

susan greene

I know your computer is down but hopefully will return soon as I hope you start blogging again. It was wonderful to have met you last week and I hope we get together often.

Susan Tuttle

Meeting you was such a gift -- I just adore you! I'll never forget all of our wonderful conversations.

I hope you had a smooth and easy trip home without much standby wait time.

Talk to you soon my friend!


debra gabel

Love your St Francis art! How have you been?


I am in LOVE with this work of art. It makes me feel innocent and happy to look at the whimsy! I miss you!!! xoApril

Dawn Marie

I was looking at a back issue of cloth paper scissors and stummbled upon the article of your lovely work!! "Narative Collage" (jan/feb 2009). I must say I am touched by your collages of your aunt! I especially love this collage of the country scene and also "the muse". your talent is beyond awesome!! you need to post more work I am in love with it all!!!
Thank you for sharing!
Dawn Marie

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