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The words and images in my artwork are reflective of my life experience. I am a mother, daughter, sister, wife, art therapist, traveler, gardener, collector, hoper, dreamer, and visual narrator. I am an artist.

I’ve long used creative expression to reflect on my life experience and to facilitate my own personal growth. My mixed media collages first emerged following the death of my mischievous aunt Gina, and the birth of my first daughter. I created them as a way to honor her story through words and images: a tangible representation of how she deeply touched my heart. I frequently use her image as a muse for inspiration and mischief.

My work continues to be inspired by the people who have touched my life. I use words and images to tell stories of universal human experience through the lens of personal experience. My intention is to inspire the joy, compassion, and hope so often lost with the innocence of childhood. I hope others will look beyond the surface of my work to see their own life experience reflected in the story of humanity.